Wagmore Real Estate: Behind the Business Card

Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage. These seven values are instilled into the hearts of every member of the United States Army, and Kim Oliver is no exception. She began her military career with the Army National Guard. In her teenage years, with the encouragement of her father, she had developed a love for photography, and her position as a military photographer let her expand those skills into a profession. In 1991, she opened a studio, in her hometown of Chesterfield, Indiana, specializing in family, pet, and wedding photography. She took this passion further, by earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography from Ball State University. This allowed her military career to progress, by enabling her to accept an officer commission through the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps. In 1998, Kim transferred to California on an active-duty tour, where she served the remainder of her twenty-year military career, before retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel. She continues to serve others, as an active member of the community. She is the president of the Cordova Recreation and Parks Foundation, a director for the Rancho Cordova Chamber of Commerce, and a team leader for Lend A Heart Lend A Hand Animal Assisted Therapy, where you will often find she and her dog, Kona, visiting with residents of senior living facilities and passengers at the Sacramento International Airport.

Andi Oliver in Locker Room

Andi has been active, and an athlete, for most of her life and decided to enter the field of sports medicine right out of high school. She earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from CSU Fullerton and San Diego State, respectively and continued on that path until 2003 when she decided to focus 100% on teaching in the classroom. After moving to the Sacramento area in 2005, Andi took a teaching position at Granite Bay High School, a position she still holds today. Her experiences working with high school and college student athletes, professional athletes, and full-time physical therapy work in the mid 1990’s, has given her the skills to effectively communicate with people from all walks of life, always with the mindset to serve.

It is no wonder that, when Andi and Kim met, the two of them found such kindred spirits in one another. Upon Kim’s retirement from the military, in 2008, they opened Vintner’s Cellar Custom Winery, in Rancho Cordova, California. Andi and Kim became well-known pillars of the community by opening their doors to non-profit organizations looking to hold their fund-raising events. Despite economic difficulties at the time, the winery remained open for five years, closing its doors in spring of 2013. Still today, they are often recognized for their involvement within the community.

As fulfilling as life had been up to that point for Andi, she still felt like something was missing. When she was a teenager, Andi spent a lot of time with her father (also an educator) who owned several multi-family rental properties. That’s when Andi caught the bug for real estate. Kim’s father also had a rental property, as did she, so she was no stranger to real estate investing.

In 2017, Andi and Kim founded WagMore Properties, LLC. Since then, they have bought properties, renovated them, and either sold or rented them out. The majority of their rental portfolio exists in Indiana, with other properties in Florida and Texas. With extensive training, coaching, and systems in place, their real estate venture has taken off. To further their expertise in real estate, Andi earned her California real estate license in 2019, and Kim in 2021. Their passion for real estate continues to grow as they open more doors and opportunities to work with military personnel who are relocating, helping real estate investors find their next deal, providing guidance and support for people going through the probate process, and listing and buying houses in the greater Sacramento area.

Andi & Kim at Flip House
Andi & Kim Camping

Andi and Kim make an outstanding team, due to the balance they bring to each other by playing to their individual strengths. The seven values instilled in Kim, by her time serving in the United States Army, have played a significant role in her development as an entrepreneur. Likewise, Andi believes in building relationships above all else. She may buy and sell houses for a living, but building relationships is what she really does.

Andi and Kim make outstanding partners, both in business and in life. Although they work hard, they also enjoy playing hard during their time off. When not working, they can most often be found traveling, camping, experiencing the great outdoors, or enjoying a round of golf or pickleball together. As avid dog lovers, the name WagMore Real Estate, reflects their belief that the process of buying or selling a home should be enjoyable. it’s important to remember to “wag more” and “bark less.”